I'm not sure if there are important productivity tips or if "productivity tips" are even a thing. One must do what one must do, period.

But if there are a few things I learned that are helpful to me. I listed them below in no particular order except for the first one.

  • The crux is in doing! If you don't act on your goals than they are just dreams.
  • Develop a routine. Mine is to sit down every morning and prioritize the tasks I need to get done that day. In short, I pick the six most import tasks. This is also the time I reflect on what I accomplished yesterday, review notes, ideas to make sure what I'm doing is still the right thing.
  • Just do it! If something is important and easy to do; to it. Don't wait, just get it done.
  • Say no more often! Evaluate every task carefully to make sure it is important to YOU and to what YOU want to accomplish. In other words, say no more often than not.

Check back to this list sometime soon. I will keep updating it from time to time.