FYI: The following list is based purely on my observations using the SixTasks system.

I come to appreciate the benefits that evolved for me using this system. I listed them in no particular order.

  • Less Stress - This system finally set me at ease with my task list. Now I know exactly what I will work on, and that I can accomplish what I set out for. Previously I felt like there was this constant pressure to do that one more task before the day ends. Important or not, it was on the list, pegging to get checked off. Now, I will work on the set six tasks and I feel good about it because that is what I set out to do, no more, no less.

    Tip: Reviewing your accomplishments will encourage you to keep going. It's like sitting down and viewing won trophies.
  • Focus - To know what needs to get done is fantastic and focusing on a task at a time is priceless, and the SixTask system encourages you to do just that. Focus on what is impactful and important.
  • More time - Since I started with the SixTask system I have more time than ever before. I know when I'm done with my tasks, and I have learned to break down tasks to the right size so I will not spread myself to thin. Of course being able to move unfinished tasks back into the Master list without tumbling into a guilt trip is super helpful.
  • Getting more done - You might think by limiting myself to the daily six tasks I would get done less, but it turns out that this is not true. The opposite is happening for me, I get more of the important stuff done than ever before. Every day I strive to accomplish what I set out for. No more, but surely no less. In my case it cut out the busywork and placed all the focus on what really counts, on what's important. I call this a victory.
  • Learning to say no - Before I started with this system one easily talked me into taking on tasks that are mere favors to others but that did nothing to further my goals. No more, and admittedly I took some time to learn to say no and not to fill up my list with little to do's that fall into the "just busy work" category.
Photography by: unsplash-logokrisna iv